Postgraduate Certificate in EU Policy Making

Since 2013, the Brussels School of Governance / Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) offers an online Postgraduate Certificate in EU Policy Making, a European studies degree designed and instructed by EU and e-learning experts. This EU studies degree is worth 25 ECTS and combines 5 EU policy making online courses (20 ECTS) with a Winter or Summer School (5 ECTS), in an innovative blended learning fashion. The postgrad certificate is an excellent choice for students and young professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge on the functioning of the European Union, the intricate European decision-making process and the roles of various actors involved. Students are offered the flexibility of taking this programme in a 1-year or a 2-year track.


Focus on


History & Theories

Identify the most important historical moments of European integration and understand their impact.


Understand the composition and functioning of the main EU institutions and their role in the decision-making process.


Understand the various stages of the EU decision-making process and the involvement of the various actors

EU Law

Understand the principles and characteristics of EU law and its application in the various EU policy areas.

EU in the World

Explore the role and relevance of European foreign policy making on the global stage.

Negotiation Skills

Strengthen your problem-solving skills through collaborative work and simulation games.


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