Postgraduate Programme

The Postgraduate Certificate in EU Policy Making is a blended-learning programme that combines 5 EU Modules online courses (e-learning) with the Inter-University Summer School (face-to-face). Students are offered the flexibility of taking this programme in a 1-year or a 2-year track.

Online Courses

The 5 EU Modules are taught entirely through online learning, using enquiry-based learning as guiding method, by placing the students at the core of the learning process while the instructors’ role is to present them with puzzles and guide them throughout the process. The programme involves self-study, written assignments, group discussions, communication with peers and tutors, support, and continuous feedback. All students get access to the online courses for a period of 12 months, the entire duration of the programme.

Current students can access the courses by logging in to the Canvas portal here.

Summer School

The Summer School is an integral part of the 25 ECTS Postgraduate Certificate programme. It plays a complementary role, in that it offers an in-depth analysis of the institutional set-up and decision-making process in the European Union. Moreover, the summer school provides students with the opportunity to simulate the negotiation process in the European Council, which is an excellent exercise that prepares students for a career in and around the EU institutions. The first week of the summer school is organised in Brussels while the second week takes place in Vienna.

Check out the Summer School Website for more indepth information about the programme of the Summer School